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The origin of the name “259’GE” comes from the address of the former family home of the leader and creator of the project (Ismael Jr). In this house he spent most of his childhood, as well as all of his adolescence and youth. When looking for a name for the project, he remembered the many experiences he had with God in that house, and that there, together with his family, he could see many “Miracles” being operated. God truly shaped his character in that house, and it was exactly this experience that Ismael Jr would like all people to be able to live too. “259” was the house number. And “GE” was the reference to the street name. For Ismael Jr “259’GE” will always remember “Family”, “Union”, “Cozy”, “Growth”, “Love” and “Care”.

No. We are not a church and we are not a religious denomination.

We are literally a group of ordinary people who once gave the direction of their lives to Jesus Christ, and who now want to announce the Love of God to the whole world through the use of their talents. The 259’GE is actually one big happy family.

We have no direct connection with any government of any country. We also do not receive government funds, grants or benefits.

259’GE and all its multiple projects are financed by the public performance rights and royalties of its copyrighted works; by the sale of products and services through our virtual stores; by the receipt of donations and voluntary offers and by the sale of tickets to special events.

Send us an email at and our team will get back to you.