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our history

We Live to Glorify God in All We Do

...Because there is nothing that gives us more joy than serving God.

Who We Are

People Who Want To Make a Difference in The World by Being Salt And Light.

259’GE is an international social and missionary “Mission”, of Christian values, developed from the *BELARMINO DA ROCHA GROUP. The Mission has projects, events and activities of evangelism, discipleship, communion and worship of God, in addition to humanitarian and social projects and campaigns, which aim to offer greater social development and a better quality of life to needy people in the world. 259’GE uses music, arts, literature and sports as instruments of action, interaction and achievement for its purposes.

Founded in 2021 in the city of São Paulo (Brazil) by Brazilian businessman Ismael Jr, 259’GE is formed by volunteers from different countries, who love God, His Son Jesus Christ and people, and therefore donate their time and talents for the development of the various projects and activities of the Mission

Today, 259’GE has projects developed in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, and aims to reach all countries and peoples that speak these languages. Within 259’GE, we have projects aimed at adults, young people, teenagers and children.

We want to challenge you to be part of this blessed “Mission”, whether praying for it, publicizing its projects, contributing financially to its maintenance, or even participating as a volunteer in its multiple projects. We are sure that our God will bless you for this.



What People Say

I love attending the 259’GE! I love gathering together at worships and events with our big believing family. I have felt my personal growth and strength in serving people, making this world a better place.

Nick Jones

Nick Jones


The wonderful mission that the 259’GE fulfills is priceless! The practice of giving is amazing and brings results. I ask everyone not to be indifferent to donate and participate! God bless you all!

Anna Gordon

Anna Gordon


My husband and I were introduced to Jesus Christ through a 259’GE event held at a sports court near our home. Since then we have always accompanied and contributed to the various activities of the project. God bless 259’GE!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Charlotte, NC